Is a wedding ceremony a performance?

3 thoughts on “Is a wedding ceremony a performance?”

  1. Great insights, thank you for sharing! You’ve convinced us that the wedding ceremony is a performance and that idea in itself inspires so many creative possibilities. Now we need an article that offers ideas for bringing performance to the ceremony.


    1. I think that keeping the ceremony space free from unsightly P.A. equipment as much as possible, photographer and videographers gear bags out of view as much as is practical and offering rituals that the couple think appropriate for their personalities is also a great way of bring a theatrical element to the ceremony. I also magically produce a bottle of bubbly in a very subtle way at the end if the couple desires and that always gets a great reaction without taking the focus away from the couple.


    2. That is what adding “Rituals” to the ceremony is about. Be it a unity candle ritual, sharing a glass of wine, conducting a tea ceremony or any of the other rituals that I and some others offer. All are form of enhancing the performance aspect without taking away the central role and by keeping the focus of the ritual on the couple and explaining the concept whilst it is being conducted the guests are included though they may not be directly included in the actual process.


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